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Why Your Council should have a Web Site
With the majority of households now having direct access to the internet local Parish and Town Council web sites provide a value for money means of helping Councils to
Parish Councillors Details
Parish Council News
Other Local Facilities
Doctors etc
On-line Consultations
keep in touch with residents, making general community information easily available and perhaps even promoting local facilities and attractions to a wider audience.
Whilst a web presence can sometimes be arranged through organisations that provide ‘umbrella’ facilities (such as County or Borough Councils), Parish and Town Councils may feel they are best served by having an internet presence which reflects their parish, and should not just be limited to a few pages on the back of another site - often based on a standard template.
The ‘banners’ above are a few examples of content that might typically be included in a Parish or Town Council web site - but the potential is huge - particularly with with our ‘Gold’ package which has virtually no limit on the number of pages!